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For 56 years Del-Ray Cleaners has been providing meticulous care and excellent service to customers from all over Toronto.

People come to us from all over Toronto for their quality dry-cleaning and everyday cleaning needs. Thousands of satisfied customers know the extraordinary quality of our cleaning and dry-cleaning. (see a map of directions to Del-Ray)   We use the very latest technology, and 100% biodegradable, organic cleaning solutions to make sure that we give your garments and household items the best cleaning they can possible get. We specialize in high quality garments, suit cleaning, dress cleaning, specialty items and every day laundry services.

Protect Your Health with Del-Ray Organic Cleaning


Del-Ray returns your clothes to you completely free from even the slightest trace of potentially harmful chemicals.  Your clothes smell wonderfully fresh and feel great to wear!  We absolutely promise, you'll notice the difference the second you put them on.

Oh, and Our Prices are Very Competitive Too!

Others May Claim Biodegradable - We Absolutely Guarantee It!

The word: "biodegradable" gets thrown around quite a bit these days, and in a lot cases it doesn't mean everything its supposed to.  For something to be truly biodegradable it has to disappear completely, within a reasonable period of time, without harming the environment.  When you look closely at many biodegradable claims you find that really isn't the case.  (Learn why you should never dry clean anything)


Don't confuse Biodegradable with Bio-debatable!

At Del Ray we use 100% Solvent-Free Organic cleaning solutions: stuff that is truly, and completely biodegradable, leaving no trace in the environment or on your clothes. 


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