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At Del-Ray, we are obsessive about quality cleaning and our responsibility to the environment: we've made major investments in the latest computerized technology, and specially formulated biodegradable detergents.


For 45 years in Toronto we've been using leading-edge processes, and continuously upgrading.  Now we're on the third generation of products and equipment: the very latest and best!


Why Del-Ray is Better, and The Dangers of Traditional Dry Cleaning.


Most professional cleaners in use highly toxic liquid solvents mixed with small amounts of water, known as: “dry cleaning” to remove stains from fabrics.  The most common is a chemical called Perchloroethylene or Perc, which has been proven to be harmful to the health of cleaning staff, customers, and the environment.


Perc has been declared toxic under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, and works by removing oil and grease to lift stains and dirt from fabric.  Provided the cleaner is using exceptionally well maintained equipment most, if not all, of the Perc will be removed during the dry cleaning process.  If there is any residual Perc, and it comes in direct contact with your skin, it will remove the natural oils causing dryness and irritation. If inhaled, Perc vapours may cause irritation to the eyes, nose and throat. Check your clothes: if there's even the slightest scent of solvent, you've got residual Perc, and that's bad for you, and the environment.


While studies have not proven Perc carcinogenic through dry cleaning, it has been shown to cause cancer in lab animals when ingested.  It has been recommended that pregnant or nursing women avoid any possible exposure to Perc.


Waste Perc also permeates the air, and seeps into the ground, and water.  Although most waste materials and residual solvents are removed by hazardous waste handlers, accidents can and do happen.  Perc has been proven toxic to plants and aquatic life and if Perc vapour is vented into the air, it can remain in the atmosphere for several weeks and contribute to ozone erosion.




At Del-Ray, we strongly believe proactively avoiding contact with Perc is the only responsible choice, and we became Toronto’s first dry cleaner to completely eliminate it from our operation.



Don't confuse Biodegradable with Bio-debatable!



  We use 100% non-toxic, organic cleaning solutions; stuff that is proven to be completely biodegradable, leaving no trace in the environment or on your clothes



That's how we care for you, and the environment!



And we recycle your hangers too!





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