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We are fabric care experts, we know every garment is unique and we know how to get the best results with everything from cotton to fine silks. At Del-Ray we pride ourselves on consistently exceeding the expectations of our clients and the community.


Professional Non-Toxic, Organic, and Wet Cleaning: the Del-Ray difference


Wet Cleaning is vastly superior to traditional dry cleaning and its 100% non-toxic.  Our specialized wet-cleaning machines are designed to accommodate even the most delicate fabrics providing incomparable cleaning results, rendering any fabric spotless, solvent-free, and beautifully fresh scented.


We also provide traditional dry cleaning services which may be more appropriate: let us determine which method would give you the best result.


Commercial Laundry


Our automated high temperature pressing machines give standard dress shirts and blouses an outstanding crisp finish. Typically designed for fabrics that can handle high temperature pressing, this process is ideal for 100% cotton items.


Hand Finished Laundry


We readily accommodate hand-finishing for those delicate items using lower temperature settings or steam. Hand-finishing is ideal for fabrics such as polyester, spandex or lycra that cannot withstand excessive heat.  Also garments with unique sizes or delicate details, such as special buttons or overlays, are safely cleaned in the professional hands of our staff.


Hand Wash


With over 45 years of experience, Del-Ray has built an outstanding reputation for providing exceptional care for your most precious items. We are known across the GTA as experts in caring for fine fabrics such as silks, wools and cashmere. In addition, our professional hand washing service is ideal for garments with delicate details such as beading, sequins or trim.


Household Items


Our solvent-free cleaning method will refresh all your household items, making them even more comfortable and enjoyable. Many of our customers have commented on the luxurious feel of their bedding after having it professionally cleaned at Del-Ray.


We specialize in:



Feather Beds

Mattress Pads

Comforters and Duvet Covers

Bed Linens


Table Linens





Garment Care Services


Alteration & Repair


To ensure the perfect fit and longevity of your garment, we offer on-site alteration, and repair services performed with skilled, experienced craftsmanship.


Our Services Include:


Pant, Skirt, or Dress Alterations

Complete Suit Alterations

Lining Replacement

Fabric Repairs & Invisible Mending

Zipper Replacement/Repair


Please note all minor repairs, such as button replacements, are complimentary when the item is being cleaned.


Wedding Gown Preservation


Your wedding dress is a major investment and a priceless treasure: our solvent-free cleaning process delicately cleans and restores your gown to its original "just-made" beauty.


We package it for long-term storage in acid-free materials: your gown will be preserved as a precious family heirloom.




In the unfortunate event of smoke or water damage, Del-Ray Cleaners can assist you with proper cleaning methods to restore items to their original condition. We are happy to provide quotes or work with insurance companies and adjusters.


Please note: due to the special requirements of leather and suede, we do not offer on-site cleaning services for these materials. We send all of these items off site to the specialists at Davlin Cleaners.




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